Visit and explore

!Khwa ttu offers a broad range of San-guided tours.

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Heritage centre tours

Explore the extraordinary new buildings at !Khwa ttu. The exhibitions and guided experiences engage body and senses as much as the mind. They demonstrate the skills and knowledge of the San, and tell the fascinating story of the origins of modern man on the Southern African coastline.


San nature tours

Accompany San guides for a compelling insight into traditional lifestyles, culture and heritage, and ancient survival skills. Take a drive in an open vehicle past zebra, springbok and other wildlife, through unspoilt fynbos, to a replica San village.


Garden tour

Walk with San guides through the gardens at !Khwa ttu. This gentle tour includes a memorable tea ceremony and provides insights into the unique healing qualities of indigenous plants.


E-bike tour

This San ‘nature tour on an e-bike’ allows visitors to reach the highest viewpoint in the landscape without stress or effort! Cruise effortlessly alongside grazing eland, zebra, and springbok.


Mountain bike and walking trails

If travelling solo is more to your taste, we have walking and mountain bike trails to suit all preferences and levels.