Enter the world of the San, southern Africa’s First People.

"The San, the first people to inhabit southern Africa, represent a 100,000-year-old culture which should be considered one of the world's treasures."

— Archbishop Emeritus Demond Tutu

From human origins to contemporary San life. A compelling story told in three thought-provoking buildings.


1. First people

In two rooms, we present San origins stories and art, alongside the latest archaeological and genetic findings about human origins.


2. Encounters

Our colonial farm building tells the difficult story of colonisation and brings San history up to date with contemporary community displays.


3. Way of the san

An immersive building that takes you to the heart of San life in the Kalahari. Your San guide will introduce you to the knowledge and skills of some of the world’s last hunter-gatherers.

Connecting Cape Town, Southern Africa, and the world.

!Khwa ttu’s San Consultants and Satellite Pioneers team

!Khwa ttu’s San Consultants and Satellite Pioneers team

Community satellites

!Khwa ttu is establishing satellite heritage centres with partner organisations in carefully identified sites around southern Africa. These heritage centres enable us to engage actively with remote rural communities.

Teaching old knowledge in new ways

Teaching old knowledge in new ways

Digital archive

The San are probably the most recorded indigenous group in existence, yet virtually none of them know of this documentary cornucopia. !Khwa ttu is pioneering a digital archive to change this. It will link the community satellites, the !Khwa ttu Heritage Centre, and the world.